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Suitable for individuals wanting to connect more deeply with themselves  


As well as practitioners looking to deepen their experience and knowledge.

Feel Empowered & Embodied!


This Holistic Feminine Pelvic Journey

is carefully designed to take you on an Embodied path into a deeper and more Intimate Connection with yourself. 

In this course Anneke Louise, C-IAYT: 

  • Skillfully guides you through Anatomical & Scientific knowledge

  • Adds practical and applied Therapeutic Yoga and

  • Brings you extensive & time-tested Practices, Meditations and Sacred Initiations from the Taoist & other Eastern traditions.

  • and much more..​

It is full of deep wisdom from both East & West and lots of Experiential Learnings & Guided Practices supporting a truly embodied understanding.

The program will take you in two modules through
the four fundamental AFPH pillars:

Foundations - Connect & Awaken


Module 1 is the time for Connecting and Awakening. 

Awareness is the fundament for all practice and definitely for our Pelvic Health

We cannot release, relax, engage or lift a pelvic floor; feel, move and use energy; deeper our intuitive connection, and more, to something that we have no awareness of.

In this first module you will be greatly enhancing your awareness and opening up through different gentle, connective and mostly very profound exercises, practices, classes and lectures. 

Through heightened awareness an increased sense of safety within yourself will arise allowing for a release of old unserving patterns and leading to a renewed awakening of your deep intuitive womb space and pelvic bowl.

Advanced - Engage & Embrace


Now we move into Engaging, Energizing and Integrating. With a renewed sense of presence, embodied safety and openness, in Module 2 it is time to discover what Healthy Engagement is and how your Pelvic area can be a source of expansive Joy, unlimited Energy, increased Intuition and deep Wisdom. 

We hold in our pelvic floor a delicately refined and incredibly potent energy, which is the source of all our creativity and the intrinsic nature of our aliveness.

Through a variety of practices you will learn how to tap into this lifeforce and move, direct and use it at will, by using your body, breath and even mind.

From that truly empowered place, you are then gently guided into connecting to the deep wisdom that your pelvic bowl has to offer and experience the incredible magic of this sacred place.


'I have always been fascinated by the creative power.

Spending the first part of my career supporting entrepreneurs to tap into their creative core and direct it into sustainable and ecological projects, I then spent the last decade venturing inwards, following the energy to its base - the pelvic bowl, and ultimately: the Heart.

This journey is a rich culmination of my own self studies combined with the vast wisdom of the East and evidence based studies, research & Yoga Therapy. 

I humbly invite you to join me in a deep dive starting with this fascinating physical body, and her pelvic space exploring inner safety, embodied health and a deeper sense of aliveness.'

Anneke Louise - Lead Teacher (MSc, C-IAYT)

Curious to hear some participant experiences?



This course allowed me to delve deeper into the endless exploration of my pelvic area. Anneke's approach is innovative and refreshing, even for anyone who thinks she already knows her body. 

Through three-dimensional simulations and experiential learning, we really became more familiar with this hidden area in the body; that generally reserved, unspoken part. Even the more systematic and theoretical content was well constructed and brought in a fascinating way. 

From the first exercise I already gained such a new awareness of my pelvic area. This course really changed the way I treat my body. Highly recommend!



The unique and profound integration of both theory & practice makes this course

Suitable for individuals wanting to connect more deeply with themselves  .

As well as practitioners & teachers looking to deepen their experience and knowledge.

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Each Module includes:

Optional personal check-ins with our founder Anneke Louise​

  • Four Foundational Teachings ~ 25 mins recorded lectures

  • Four Applied Yoga Therapy ~ 30 mins rec. classes

  • Four guided Embodiment practices ~ 20 mins rec.

  • Special optional sister practices

  • Invitation to exclusive Global Facebook group for interaction with teacher and fellow sisters

  • Two exciting BONUS Essential Practices

  • Access to all recorded materials for lifetime

Course Structure & Time Commitment

Each Module consists of four main teaching units.

  • The time commitment per unit is approximately 3 hours

  • Every week you get access to an additional unit, to allow for study flexibility & proper integration time



We offer 2 pricing* options:​

  • One off payment                                                 EUR 345 

  • Payment in 3 instalments of                               EUR 130 ​



Course timings​

  • The courses are only available in the self paced format right now, so you can take it any time you want.

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