Samarasa, literally “same essence”, refers to the essential unity of all existence,

the supreme bliss of harmony 

As an international Yoga Therapy and Healing school to us 'samarasa' means a body and a being which is completely open and in full health allowing the pure essence to radiate through in its entirety; bringing a body full of light. Then ultimately when we go deeper it is a state of complete freedom, of peace and attainment in the realization of the Absolute Truth.


Samarasa Healing offers specialized trainings in the field of Yoga Therapy as well as a place for integrative and personalised healing by doctors and certified Yoga Therapists.

We believe that any genuine and long-lasting healing can only take place if the chosen therapy activates the self-healing mechanisms of the body. Yoga Therapy provides precisely that. It is a non-invasive, self-empowering, integrative form of healing which looks at each person individually. In order to assess each client and condition accurately thorough training and experience is required.

Our team brings in a diversity of knowledge, with career backgrounds ranging from western medicine, to business, innovation & entrepreneurship, and also an overall profound experience and knowledge of the Yogic system.

This allows us for one to effectively bridge modern biomedical science with the ancient wisdom of the East.

It also brings a deep understanding of what it takes to drive social change and innovation in the world. No matter what cause your passion to help and create a better world is fueling, it can be hard to sustain it without a healthy balance of the inner (well-)being with this outer world.

Through our work we aim to bring you inspiring, meaningful and progressive teachings, as well as complete health, own personal growth and inner well-being.

It is our hope that by passionately and competently offering continued education programs to amongst others Yoga teachers and health care professionals, a deeply integrative approach to health and healing is propagated. An approach which uses scientific data, includes teachings from western medicine as well as the deep wisdom of the yogic system.

Our team at Samarasa is deeply grateful for being able to offer such inspiring, meaningful and progressive teachings and one-on-one support. We warmly invite anyone who is enthusiastic or curious about the intersection between modern medicine and ancient yoga and its harmonious implementation into today’s leading professions, to join our trainings.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon!

Anneke & Ann-Sophie, and the Samarasa Healing team

Meet the Founders

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It has always been Ann-Sophie´s enthusiasm to bridge modern, scientific knowledge of the West with ancient, experiential wisdom of the East. 
Being a medical doctor herself as well as a yoga therapist (C-IAYT), a yoga teacher (RYS-500) and yoga practitioner (ten years’ experience) her expertise lies in the field of therapy.
She understands that health refers to all levels of our being - as such her teachings and treatments reflect a purely integrative approach. 
On a personal level her own sense of being “healthy and alive” is enhanced by being in the company of loving friends and family, spending time in nature as well as regular meditation practices.



Anneke is an enthusiast of life, connectivity and that what drives humans to evolve and aspire.

This motivated her to pursue an international career in sustainable business and talent development, and this also fueled her passion for all things Yoga.

She believes that inner Wellbeing promotes outer Well-doing; knowing from her own experience how important it is not forget the deep sense of self, when working towards a deeply passionate cause.

About a decade ago she started a deep journey into the realms of spirituality & personal growth; studying Yoga, Meditation (self-enquiry & mindfulness), Taoist arts, Tantra & conscious intimacy, and Holistic Yogic healing, completing it with a degree in Yoga based Functional Medicine and founding a Yoga Therapy company.

She is now a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), with a special knack for pelvic health, seeing this as the very centre of our innate life force, fueling health, well-being, flow and creativity.




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'Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like rays of the sun'

BKS Iyengar