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Feel Empowered!

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To expand your expertise in the comfort of

your own home & in your own time!

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 Personalised Alignment Course is NOW online!

HOW important is it to you to practice or teach yoga in a safe spaceTo make sure the body is ideally aligned, promoting authentic Yoga? Well, we're also passionate about offering a profound Yoga experience. Ensuing safety and avoiding 'yoga injuries' during the practice is absolutely fundamental!

ARE you a student who has suffered from injury during your yoga practice? OR maybe you're over-working or over-stretching your body?

DO you worry how you’ll help and guide students, if they appear in your class with hip, shoulder or knee injuries?

OR would you love to be able to tailor and modify poses to suit all bodies so each of your students feels the Yoga magic?

Be reassured you’re not alone, and you’re absolutely in the right place.

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This is a common feeling among Yoga students and teachers; we fall in love with Yoga, want to start practicing at home but feel overwhelmed: 

We’re not sure if we’re doing the poses correctly, where we should feel it?

Am I really ready to teach? Where do I start? So many things to take care of: planning a class (venue, pricing, finding students etc.). Moreover, attending to each student professionally, sequencing a class smartly AND respecting injuries and restrictions plus cueing and assisting with correct alignment! Wow, that’s a lot to deal with!


Understandably many teachers struggle with creating a safe and professional space to offer authentic Yoga to their students! 

Does this resonate with your Yoga teaching journey?
Would you like to learn more about Personalised Alignment?

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Who is this course for?

The Personalised Alignment is literally for

 Everyone and Every Body!


The only condition is: The curiosity and willingness to start an experiment of exploring your body, emotions and mind.

Even if your main practice is meditation and want to bring more embodiment of your awareness, OR if you mainly (or only) have a body focused work-out regime (such as fitness), this course is still SUPER relevant for you. 


 The content of this course is a live showcase of the depth to where working with the physical body can take you and hugely supports the efforts of becoming more integrated and whole human beings.

As a teacher this course will furthermore powerfully support your work and ‘teaching’ competencies, bringing your professional life and practice to the next level, making this a truly transformational experience

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Meet  our Teachers


'It is my absolute passion and joy to support and guide other people on their journey towards connecting with themselves, towards Yoga. The deep knowledge of the physical body, of possible restrictions, resulting compensation and therapeutic strategies has been key to attend to my students' needs individually and safely.

These teachings are a 'heart project' of mine! My humble contribution to make this (yoga) world a better and safer place!' 

Ann-Sophie - Lead Teacher (MD, C-IAYT)


"As a teacher, learning to personalise my classes to the individual needs of my students & clients has been very empowering and also deeply humbling. It allows me to truly see them. And again and again I see in awe how this profound Yogic tradition brings deep healing and connection to its practitioners. 

I really believe Every Body can practice Yoga. No matter what physical or mental-emotional restrictions one faces, Yoga is for everybody! With the right alignment attuned to your body and where it is right now, you too can practice Yoga in way the ancient Eastern mystics transmitted to us."


Anneke - Lead Teacher (MSc, C-IAYT)

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  • 41 hours of lectures, classes and explorations and assignments (recorded)

  • Time for questions, sharings and discussions during our 6 live video meetings via Zoom - minimum of 6 hours 

  • Access to recordings in case you couldn't join the live meeting

  • Bonus: Optional personal check-ins with one our founders

What's included:

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  • Invitation to join our exclusive Facebook community for interaction with teachers and fellow students

  • Lecture materials (downloadable pdf) to support your studies

  • Optional quiz to support your learning

  • Full, unlimited access to all materials for 3 months

  • Samarasa Healing certificate emailed to you after graduation

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But....  We do have one request  from you : We need your passion, energy and commitment!

Our courses are structured to offer you full flexibility,
as we 
recognise life isn't  linear!



Inspiring, informative and clearly structured




Short Yoga classes as well as breath work helps integrating the intellectual understanding



Embodied experience through exciting assignments and partner work 



Connecting in person (via zoom), sharing and discussing; Q&As



& relaxation exercises, ancient Vedic chantings and energy work



Support your

integrated learning



… you will learn and experience:

  • In-depth guidance on how to work with yogic postures in a personalised way - showcasing and demonstrating 21 posture from classical yoga

  • Strategies which support someone with limited flexibility and/or strength to safely practise yogic asanas

  • The physical body in a holistic, connected way

  • A scientifically-based method to respect restrictions and recover from injury

  • Step-by-step and hands-on teachings for therapeutic prop-use and variations

  • Therapeutic yoga classes to ensure an embodied learning experience

  • The profound effects of pranayama - explaining and practising 6 yogic breathing techniques

  • A breath work module which touches all levels of your being

  • Ancient Vedic vowels which offer another entrance door to connect with oneself profoundly

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Yoga with Props
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TEMPTED? Before you sign up,
We'd love you to hear what our graduates have to say. 

My biggest takeaway from this course was deepening my relationship to my own body. How I can work with it. How I can listen to it. Knowing its limits. The concept of interoception. Constantly being in this inner dialog.” - Tessa, UK


"This course expanded my knowledge to be able to help more people safely on their Yoga journeys. I feel inspired to teach Yoga in a whole new way!" - Christy Morgan, USA


'"t showed me how to improve my postures, especially the ones I find difficult and demanding. This, together with a renewed focus on breathing, has helped me to go deeper in my practice. I think it should be part of any yoga teacher training, course or workshop!"

- Wojciech, Poland


The course was built in such a way that I feel I can now share my new skills in my own practice as well as confidently as a Yoga teacher”.

- Veronique, France


"I am deeply grateful for the transformation I feel inside. It also made me understand why Yoga is soooo much deeper than aerobics."

Aurelie, France


“I felt very welcome and in safe hands. The teachings about posture and practice were explained in a very understandable way. The analysis also gave me a better understanding on how my own posture and body consciousness might improve by simple practice. Thank you so much!"

- Vera Fischer, Germany

Yoga at Home

How does it work?

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  • The time commitment per module is approximately 6-10 hours.

  • This includes one 90min-live call per week. 

  • Every week you get access to an additional module, to allow for study flexibility & proper integration time.

  • While the module structure suggests a certain pace and order you are absolutely flexible in your studies.

One course cycle gives you 3 months access

Thanks to the smart set-up of this course, you can choose your own pace and study the ONLINE Personalised Alignment up to 3 months from the beginning of a course cycle.

During this period you have full, unlimited access to all course materials. 

This period allows for thorough study and integration as well as giving you complete study flexibility.


However, within those 3 months we encourage you to follow a 6-week structure with us and use the remaining weeks to deepen your practice and possibly redo lectures, classes and explorations.

(This is a recommendation only, whether you chose to follow this structure is fully up to you).

If you are not able to join all our live sessions and Q&As personally:

  • You will have full access to the recordings. 

  • Moreover, you can send in questions at any point during the course - regardless of the pace which you choose.

The course consists of 6 modules

Yoga Mat and Straps

Registration now open!

We offer 2 pricing options:​​​

  • One off payment                                            

  • Payment in 2 instalments


For more information on current pricing please click HERE                   

Special offer! Enrol now and get 25% discount

 Doors to the online environment open
Nov 4, 2021
(our last course of 2021)


What you'll gain when you've graduated!

  • Samarasa Academy 50hrs certificate, that enables you to teach confidently and safely within your classes.

  • Valid as IAYT APD & Yoga Alliance CE

  • Strong foundation and understanding of using props and variations.

  • An excellent In-depth knowledge of how to work with poses in a personalised way.

  • Tackling that imposer syndrome with renewed confidence to safety support your students and their different bodies. 

  • A warm supportive NEW group of Yoga friends and teachers.

  • Gain a comprehensive toolkit to look at the physical body in a holistic & connected way.

  • LEARN how to use scientifically based knowledge to respect restrictions and recover from injury in your practice and classes.

  • Experience therapeutic yoga classes to ensure an embodied learning experience.