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Welcome to the fascia-nating field of Fascia

We cannot even begin to express how deep this work can take you. We will however do our best to create that experience for you in this course. So buckle up ;) as we are going on a journey...

In this unique and integrative ONLINE Fascia Intensive (50hrs) you will learn AND experience:

  • What fascia really is & why everyone should know about it

  • A scientifically-based method to recover from injury and train healthy fascia

  • The profound relationship between fascia and emotions

  • Tensegrity, and its exciting bodily equivalent: the ‘fascia line system’ 

  • The 9 main fascia lines, their influence on yogic movement, and consequently on your body

  • The fascinating connection between fascia and your nervous system

  • Safe and smart movement, and the concept of ‘healthy tension’

  • Mindfulness training across the different yogic bodies


and much more..

AND... you will learn how to use and embody the Samarasa Healing 

'Holistic Fascia Approach', our scientifically backed method to healthy fascia! 

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'Fascia is in a way the materialisation of what the great yogic masters talk about, about the 5 bodies, the interconnectedness, the ability to feel your physical body and at the same time to feel your deep innate aliveness.

This course gives you the experience of something as physically present as the Fascia and allows it to take you on a journey showing you the deep and fascinating interconnectedness of all things.'

Anneke - Lead Teacher (MSc, C-IAYT)

Meet  our Teachers

Learn the unique & time-tested Samarasa Academy

'Holistic Fascia Approach'

with the 6 core

building blocks to healthy fascia!

Who is the course for?

The 'Fascia Intensive' is literally for Everyone and every body!


The only condition is: The curiosity and willingness to start an experiment of exploring your body, emotions and mind.

Even if your main practice is meditation and want to bring more embodiment of your awareness, OR if you mainly (or only) have a body focused work-out regime (such as fitness), this course is still SUPER relevant for you. 


 The content of this course is a live showcase of the depth to where working with the physical body can take you and hugely supports the efforts of becoming more integrated and whole human beings.

As a teacher this course will furthermore powerfully support your work and ‘teaching’ competencies, bringing your professional life and practice to the next level, making this a truly transformational experience

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  • 41 hours of lectures, classes and explorations and assignments (recorded)

  • Time for questions, sharings and discussions during our live video meetings via Zoom - minimum of 6 hours 

  • Access to recordings in case you couldn't join the live meeting

  • Optional personal check-ins with one our founders

What's included:

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  • Invitation to exclusive Facebook group for interaction with teachers and fellow students

  • Lecture materials (downloadable pdf) to support your studies

  • Quiz (optional) to support understanding of the learned material

  • Full, unlimited access to all materials for 6 months

  • Samarasa Healing and YACEP/APD certificate emailed to you after graduation

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Meet  our Teachers


'Why not start increasing our awareness from the interconnectedness of the physical body? That ‘going down into the body’ has actually been my biggest insight in terms of increasing my presence and mindfulness, because it is not ‘going low’, it is being here right now with whatever arises (physical, energetic, mental-emotional). 

The entire idea of witnessing and being present is so beautifully accessible when we start to connect to and feel our body more.' 

Ann-Sophie - Lead Teacher (MD, C-IAYT)

Our courses are structured to offer you full flexibility as we recognise life isn't linear!

Also YACEP & APD approved!



Inspiring, informative and clearly structured




With the fascia line system and healthy fascia training, through Yoga Therapy & Movement



 Of the ‘Holistic Fascia Approach’  



Sessions (via zoom)

and Q&As



& deep relaxation exercises



To support your


Course Benefits

Any Requirements?

Certainly some Yoga experience (and/or anatomy knowledge) is supportive but not required. 

Regardless of your level of practice this training will bring more embodiment to your awareness and deepen your practice.


During our Fascia Yoga classes different prop-uses and variations are given, in order for you to practice safely while respecting your individual restrictions. 

Our lectures are well-structured and easy-to follow. Moreover, all our intellectual teachings are complemented with practical explorations. 

The course consists of six main teaching units.

  • Time commitment per module is approximately 6-10 hours, incl. a 60min live call every 2 weeks

  • Every week you get access to an additional unit, to allow for study flexibility & proper integration time

  • During the remainder of the course cycle 1-2 additional live calls may be scheduled on demand

How does it work?

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One course cycle gives you 6 months access.

Thanks to the smart set-up of this course, you can choose your own pace and study the ONLINE Fascia Intensive up to 6 months from the beginning of a course cycle.

During this period you have full, unlimited access to all course materials. 

This period allows for thorough study and integration as well as giving you complete study flexibility.


However, within those 6 months we encourage you to follow a 3-month structure with us and use the remaining weeks to deepen your practice and possibly redo lectures, classes and explorations

(This is a recommendation only, whether you chose to follow this structure is fully up to you).

If you are not able to join all our live sessions and Q&As personally:

  • You will have full access to the recordings. 

  • Moreover, you can send in questions at any point during the course - regardless of the pace which you choose.


Please read more about the criteria of certification that we offer here.

Course pricing:

One-time payment: EUR 595 

Payment plan: 3 payments of EUR 215/month

Reduced course fee: If you are experiencing financial difficulties at the moment but are passionate about Yoga Therapy we would love to support and offer you a special discount! Please send us an email to and shortly describe your situation.



Fascia Intensive

Next course cycle starts:
✽24th January 2022

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